22 Jun 2012

Lovely Taiwan

19th May 2012 (1st Day) 
Arrived Taipei Taoyuan Airport
Then  I took a two hour car ride to Tai Chong (台中)

Tai Chong
I had a walk at Feng Jia Night Market (逢甲夜市), which it is the largest night market in Taichung...
There have lots of food and clothes...
But since I arrived late therefore there are not much shop left for business...
Luckily the hawker stall remain... ^_^
I had my very first try on "Chou Tofu" which in english (translate directly) is "Smelly Tofu" ... >.<

Before reaching the chou tofu shop, from far I could smell it. -_-'''
If I had been question for how it smell like.... I would say It Smell Like Grabage... :P 
(the smell is so so awful..I tried to hold the breath as I got a lil feeling that I maybe will puke....guess I am a lil over reaction for this... LOLLL)

One local told me, the more smelly it is, the more tasty it are.... (Unbelievable)

Oh well... Since I was there I definately should had a try...
The Tofu is serve with small amout of vegetable, chili sauce and the mystery soup.
They cut a hole in the middle of the Tofu in order to fill in all the thing mention above.
When I bite the tofu the inner sauce will spit it out, so do prepare a tissue while eating it....

First Taste
OH MY¬¬¬ GOSH!!! It taste so good!!!!
DELICIOUS will be a better word to describe....
I can not believe it taste so good... oh my....
It does not taste smelly at all...
I wish I could describe it in words but I could not...
Only thing that I could tell is "you got to try it yourself"

Found this cute pomeranian puppy when time I am going to leave the market.
This baby is very quite and calm. He does not afraid when I get closer to him.
His reaction makes me think that he want me to bring him home.
I wish I could but I cant.  
From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely hope that there will be a serious pet lover to give this cute little puppy a good shelter.

A budget hotel which provided a garage in each unit of the hotel room.  Besides that, every single unit have its own decoration and design (theme).  Some were specially designed for couples.  Price per night is around USD$45.00 (depends on the hotel popularity, some you might get it cheaper if you manage to purchase in group through online ^-*)

I would sincerely recommence those who travel to Taiwan have to try at least once in these budget hotel.
You will be surprise.  Not to mention if you like luxury hotel room in a budget price.
Some of the unit they have double-storey inside which from the outside it seems nothing much different, just like normal terrace house.   

What they have inside the room?
Jacuzzi , Steam Sauna, Unique Massage Chair (only selected room has provided, it is specially for couples, think dirty then you will know what kind of chair it is.. yet it is automatic...LOLLL), fridge, big sofa, TV with many movie (include adult movies), songs and etc.  o(^0^)o 
(GaoXiong Armani Motel click here)

Photo below were one of the budget hotel I stayed. ^_^


Outside the Hotel Room...


How to look like Adele ( A Make-up transformation )

The last part of the video makes me laugh....
You are so cute!!!