11 Apr 2013

2012 May to Langkawi

Underwater World --- Langkawi

May 2012, having a short trip of 4 days 3 night to Langkawi. As i want to make this trip easy and simple therefore i din not bring along my Canon 7D. All photo are shot by Samsung S3. 

This Aquarium not just having fish only, they also have a small outdoor tropical forest with some others mammal.

Langkawi Eagle Square

wow... i love this picture of me inside. My legs look slim here. hahahaha

After visiting the eagle square we simply drive our car to search for something exciting and new.
This what we found, a villa.  I'm not sure what it is name as i forget to record it. I'm over excited to walk up the small hill to explore what is inside.  I guess this is a 5 start hotel. They having very luxury lobby with tropical design.

A very hot afternoon. 
I hardly have my photo focus (my eyes cant open widely...lolll). Lots of over expose.  

Due to monsoon season, Langkawi keep on raining, therefore the sea doesn't look clear as i expect.

Day 2 Joining the Langkawi Cave and Mangrove Tour