30 Jun 2011

^D.G.S.Beauty^: D.G.S.Beauty's 100 Followers Giveaway!

^D.G.S.Beauty^: D.G.S.Beauty's 100 Followers Giveaway!: "I'm excited to announce this giveaway. It's my way of thanking all of my amazing followers! The items are three of my favorite MAC cosm..."

(All products are from MAC new and sealed)

1) Fluidline Blacktrack

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3) Fleur Power Blush

4) Sigma Travel E25 Blending Brush (courtesy of Sigma Beauty)


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This giveaway is open internationally from June 11, 2011 to June 30, 2011 (Pacific time)

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Good luck everyone!

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(Sorry for missing up some pics from her blog...due to some technical problem I fail to share her blog directly to my blog... so I had to copy and past it here... -_-|||)

Anyway, hoping you gals enjoy the makeup tips from Dinah...
Have a nice day... Good Luck Always ^___^

29 Jun 2011



陶喆 David Tao Zhe - Sha Tan 沙滩

作詞:娃娃 作曲:陶喆 編曲:Adam Lee

空無一人 這片沙灘 風吹過來 冷冷海岸
我輕輕抖落鞋裡的沙 看著我的腳印 OH
一個人 一步步 好寂寞

看海有些綠 天有些藍 那段愛情有些遺憾
像不知不覺游向海天 到最深的地方
才發現你 早已經 放棄我

我聽著海浪 溫柔的呼吸 我看著雲朵 飄來飄去
有什麼方法 讓自己真的忘記

我的心 我的心 藍藍地

我真的想找一條船 能遠遠離開這片沙灘
每次又回到同樣海邊 還是會對你想念
想念你 有點BLUE
沒有人能像你 留給我的回憶 有點BLUE OOH...

Alternative Version:

David Tao, 10:30 Airport 飞机场的十点半

歌手: 陶喆 David
作曲: 陶喆
作詞: 陶喆,娃娃
10:30 的飛機快要到了
剩一點給你 Oh yeah for my baby

充滿笑與淚的時光 Baby
你卻說你需要離開 需要一些空間呼吸

Maybe Baby Baby Baby Baby ….
我給你的越多 你卻越想要躲
愛已無法回答所有的問題 Baby

10:30 的飛機已經到了

1:30 的我在回家路上
哦 我已失去了你

Baby Baby Baby …
是不是愛給的不夠 所以你要懷疑
你還要再想嗎 你要不要回家

Cesar Millan's Great Dog Adventure-June, 2010

25 Jun 2011

Trip to China : Day 2 at Qing Dao (青島) - Part I

Day 2:
woke up quite early in the morning heading to Lao Shan. Can't remember the exact time.. -_-|||

Pictures below:
Taken when I'm in the coach... 
Due to the fixed window (cannot open it), I could only took pictures inside the coach and theres where the reflection came from... T.T
(Excuse me for some unclear photos...)

I did not realize is a lady who drove this Ferrari until I had a view on my camera to preview photos...
anyway, what I wanna say here is "WOW"... :P

This man is trying to dry his tiny little fish.... I assume he is trying to make 江魚仔 (I do not know how it named in english so I google for awhile, Dried Anchovies, is what i found.. :P)
Here's the link which teach you how to cook these fish http://www.hongkitchen.com/2010/05/dried-anchovies-ikan-bilis-stock.html 
Photo is a lil bit shaky as I shot this while the coach is moving... plus the road is not smooth (under construction)...

hm... not really sure about what they were doing...
I myself (based on what I had seen my mum did before) assume that they are trying to take off the lil fish head...
[em...I might be wrong as well... do let me know if u know what they were doing... will be very appreciated to know... ^___^]

should I say "moving market"?
I see most goods were place on lorries...


On the way to Lao Shan (嶗山)
It will took u a long way&time to reach the top of the hill...
If u have time and good stamina u may walk by your own to reach the top, else u may took their shuttle bus, like me, to reach the same destination...
I called this Short Cut... LOLLL

is a water dam... recent year the water had been dry out quite fast...so not much left here...
according to what my tourist guide told me... they use the water here to make Lao Shan Beer as the water here is tasty...(thats what make the beer taste good....)

village...snap snap in the shuttle bus....

Boxes, where the bees live....^^

Way in making tea... (how they dry the leaf)

Me walking on high and shaky bridge...  

Here's the outcome of the tea....
Beside it is the Shan Dong Peanuts....
Hohoho....let me tell u...
IF u go Shan Dong, u must REALLY REALLY try their peanuts....
SO SO SO Delicious~~~~
oh ya....make sure u have at least a bottle of water in hand else u will be very thirsty (as u will eat a lot... :P yam yam)
Mahjong table.... 
If u have time u may enjoy your tea while playing mahjong game... 0(^O^)0



zoom zoom zoom :P

Rock Engraving...

These fruits are totally not familiar to me... I had try hard to memories the name each time the seller told me but once I turn my back I totally forget... gosh~~~

How it taste?
Taste like a raw cucumber... T.T
I personally don't like the taste...
I don like the taste of vegetable b4 cook... it taste so raw...

 another random shot...
 found this building (i don know if it is a house or ....) quite intersting...
 made by wooden....
 I switch this pic into vintage view...
 This pic was over exposed...
 I try several time/way to recover it (maybe my edit skill still not mature enuf) but the colour look weird...
 Currently I am using Aperture 3 for photo editing....

Fruits again ^^
the colour of the fruits here isn't very accurate as they are place under a big red umbrella and I shot this in the afternoon time... with very strong sunlight...

Cherry in the basket...
If u like this basket u may only able to bought it with the cherry.... ^_^

Hotel on the hill....

I love this Dog so so so much...
1) cute
2) she/he is very good in posing....

very steep mountain slope road...
Bride is unable wear high heel.... (while editing, I saw a Converse Shoes.. :P )

lil Husky... I love Husky...

Wood Carving~~
in the coach...
still with my Tilley hat on...
love this hat as it unable the air to flow in without taking off from my head...
also, this hat protect me from UV ray...
For more info bout this fabulous hat, please visit : http://www.tilley.com/default.aspx
[I'm not helping them to promote but just to let u know this lil hat worth the price ^__^)

Finally I had reach Qingdao Beer Factory 青島啤酒廠 
Have u see those humongous silver container? Guess u might be thinking wat it is yeah? ^^
They are use to store the BEER... woohoooo~~~

for more Day 2 @ Qingdao photos, please view Trip to China : Day 2 Qing Dao - Part II (u may find it in China labels).

Thank you for viewing....
Hope u enjoy my photos...
Have a nice day ^_^ Good Luck always...  

胡彦斌-空位 MV (安以轩 出演)

23 Jun 2011

Mariah Carey - I Still Believe

I Still Believe lyrics
You look in my eyes
and I get emotional inside.
I know it's crazy but
you still can touch my heart.
And after all this time
you'd think that I wouldn't
feel the same.
But time melts into nothing,
and nothing has changed.
I still believe someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again.
I have a dream someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again.
Each day of my life
I'm filled with all the joy I could find.
You know that I,
I'm not the desperate type.
If there's one spark of hope
left in my grasp
I'll hold it with both hands.
It's worth the risk of burning
to have a second chance.
And oh, no no no no no,
I need you, baby.
I still believe that we can be together.
No no no.
If we believe that true love
never has to end,
then we must know that we will love again
Oh, I still believe someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again.
Oh, baby, yeah yeah.
I had a dream you and me
will find ourselves in love again.
(repeat and fade)

21 Jun 2011

Eastern Europe Trip (Part II) --- Berlin

Finally finish upload Eastern Europe Trip @ Berlin photo...
Really took me a very long time as my internet speed is extremely slow...slower than a snail.... :P

Pic below is taken at Berlin Science Mesuem...
very worth visiting... all stuff were unique... I don know how should I explain it (in clear sentences)...
All I can say is AMAZING~~~

This lil fan will moved each time u walk pass... (not electricity to make it function)

the thin white paper move like the wings of flying birds... again no electricity were deteched...

using the smoke from the steam machine to create video of flying birds/butterfly....
the light on the left will reflect the "smoke" to the projector screen...
Reason: for a clear view of the flying birds/butterfly (cant really remember... T_T)

this really impress me....
Black Colour Liquid: OIL
How it work?
1.  Absorb the oil into this tiny "tower" (tower? ROFL)
2.  High speed spinning
3.  Slowly realese the oil through the tiny hole
4.  the oil turn into "sting"

3 wheel pizza delivery car... so cute~~~~

my english translate: wolf use the sheepskin to cover itself... (I cant stop laughing when I saw this cute doll)
Why and what it mean?
In Chinese it means a very bad person pretended to be as kind as a sheep => a very cunning person... LOLLLL

very very small matches... wonder how to light it.... (fingers gonna get hurt I guess) :P

8 person bicycle... ^O^

police say I cannot take their photo...
So...I took a self-portrait.... with their car.....(stubborn) muhahahahaha

Finally arrived, the Berlin Wall....

graveyard of 11 dogs