21 Jun 2011

Eastern Europe Trip (Part II) --- Berlin

Finally finish upload Eastern Europe Trip @ Berlin photo...
Really took me a very long time as my internet speed is extremely slow...slower than a snail.... :P

Pic below is taken at Berlin Science Mesuem...
very worth visiting... all stuff were unique... I don know how should I explain it (in clear sentences)...
All I can say is AMAZING~~~

This lil fan will moved each time u walk pass... (not electricity to make it function)

the thin white paper move like the wings of flying birds... again no electricity were deteched...

using the smoke from the steam machine to create video of flying birds/butterfly....
the light on the left will reflect the "smoke" to the projector screen...
Reason: for a clear view of the flying birds/butterfly (cant really remember... T_T)

this really impress me....
Black Colour Liquid: OIL
How it work?
1.  Absorb the oil into this tiny "tower" (tower? ROFL)
2.  High speed spinning
3.  Slowly realese the oil through the tiny hole
4.  the oil turn into "sting"

3 wheel pizza delivery car... so cute~~~~

my english translate: wolf use the sheepskin to cover itself... (I cant stop laughing when I saw this cute doll)
Why and what it mean?
In Chinese it means a very bad person pretended to be as kind as a sheep => a very cunning person... LOLLLL

very very small matches... wonder how to light it.... (fingers gonna get hurt I guess) :P

8 person bicycle... ^O^

police say I cannot take their photo...
So...I took a self-portrait.... with their car.....(stubborn) muhahahahaha

Finally arrived, the Berlin Wall....

graveyard of 11 dogs

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