15 May 2013

Hair Artist is the Key of Beauty too ~~ Loving Bob Cut

I had try several saloon before to have bob hair cut but NON of it meet my requirement as they cant give me a smooth nice volume look. Some even cut it into square. Faint~

I so hate square cut as it makes me look so old (like a aunty) and ugly.  I'm so so upset, friends trying best to comfort me by "maybe it just the length appear to be too short, once it grow longer it will look good." 

I know that's not true.
Then I remember my aunty, who have nice looking curly middle length hair during Chinese New Year. So I decided to call her in order to know who her hair dresser.

Once I get the Hair Artist cellphone number I immediately give him a call.
First call was a lil dissapointed as Mr. Seldon can only take by appointment. So happen in the end I did not manage to go in the first time. 

After a week or two, Mr. Sheldon ring me.
Telling me he is free on that day wonder if I want to have a hair cut. I been thinking quite long that should I go or not? Will it be another disappointment??
Think Think Think... hai ya... cincai la... I'm already in the worst situation, how worst it can be?

Ah~~~ Just Go and Try lah~~~

Reach the Saloon:
Me: Mr. Sheldon I want my hair to be that short, like the one in the photo. Oh ya, is it hard to maintain as I'm not good in styling hair. (i screen shot the hair cut through Samsung Note 2 from google... LOLLL)

Mr. Sheldon: Those are Japanese and Korea Style, you might need to blow lo. Nevermind I will change a lil for you and cut it something similar to that (photo).

Huh?? What he mean by something similar? He design what kind of hair style for me o?? Honestly I'm not just nervous, I'm quite worried!!
 What happen if the hair cut into too short and looks ugly on me, then meaning I shall go bald??? LOLLL  (I seriously think to much due to anxiety)

An hour later  
Oh My~~~ I'm so in love with this hair cut (price worth). It makes me look younger and energetic (thought it was different from what i show him from the picture but I'm very very very satisfied with the outcome).

Thanks God. Once again I feel I'm ALIVE. LOLLLLLL 
 (ai ya~~ i forget to take the picture from behind. Tsk Tsk Tsk. >_<
 Nevermind, next time i re-upload in updating this page again)

P/S: For those who wish to have hair do (cut/perm/dye/relaxing/treatment) with Mr. Sheldon please kindly give him a phone call or text msg at least one day before you go to his saloon.