8 May 2013

Finally I get myself a tattoo

If i were ask for why getting a dog silhouettes Here's my explaination : 

I decided to get a dog silhouette on my wrist simply just because I love dog. I wish that I'm always surrounded by dog...lolllllll (lame) ^_^

Picture below was the 1st day I had my tattoo on. 

Currently i'm waiting for the skin to dry in order to get heal.

It wasn't that painful as I expected. I personally think that it is less painful if compating with injection. 

My experience : Tattoo is like the needle scraching on your skin. You might feel a lil pain due to the burning feeling while artist is colouring your tattoo. 

Hmmm..if you want a tattoo but with less pain, try choose the part that cant see your vessel clearly as thats the painful part I had tried. 


That pains goes to your heart. Lolllll    It sounds scary but in real it wasnt. Thats pain was totally difference from what you experience in your ordinary time. Like injection for example. To me, injection is like at least ten time painful than tattoo. ROFLLL 

When my tattoo was done: 

I got this strong feeling like wanna get a second tattoo immediately :P
Well, to me, i think tattoo can be a kind of pain addiction. I wonder anyone else have the same feeling as i felt. XD

Currently im looking for another dog silhouettes for my second tattoo in future (maybe). 

I tried google for the dog silhouettes but not much I like it due to the size. I prefer something small. XP


Still web surfing. Searching searching searching.   ^0^

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