1 Oct 2011

Daily face and lip care after long expose under hot sun

1) Dior Hydra Life : Gel Serum - Hydration Jeumesse

2) The Body Shop : Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (sensitive skin)
- daily protect from UV rays, to soothe the signs of sensitive skin

3) The Body Shop : Aloe Soothing Cream (sensitive skin)
- ultra-gentle, smoothing, calming moisturisation

All the above product are non oily or sticky... Very light texture...

1) The Body Shop : Aloe Soothing Night Cream (sensitive skin)
- rich skin-calming care to restore, nourish and moisturise

2) Organic Aid : Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream
- texture is rich and thick.. Should only apply a very thin layer on face unless the skin is very very dry will suggest to apply slightly thicker... This product really very good in moisturising skin... The next day i wake up after applied this on the previous night, i can feel my face very smooth and watery... :)

1) The Body Shop : aloe lip care for sensitive skin - conditions and soothes very dry lip...
This lil lip bulm really safe me from cracking lips.. It is very lasting and not easily remove...
Texture : thick and non oily but lil sticky which make it able to hold for long hours...

1) The Body Shop : aloe protective restoring mask
- suitable for sensitive skin, intensive treatment with prebiotics to strenghten skin's natural barrier
Review from me : just newly bought, gonna try it tonite...

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