1 Oct 2011

Daily Facial Wash after long expose under hot sun

1) a. Kate (Kanebo) cleasing oil
b. Shu Uemura skin purifier

Using either one of these to remove dirts and sun block. Also able to remove make-up...

According to the Shu Uemura sales person said, I could just used the cleasing beauty oil to clean my face without any cleanser for second cleaning as the oil itself had already add in the cleanser... And left skin with moist...

But if I want to use any additional cleanser after the oil also can...
Its all up to me...

This oil come with three different colour..
Yellow : normal skin
Orange : dry and sensitive
Green (if im not mistake) : extra dry and sensitive

2) a. Organic Aid


b. Body Shop Aloe Gentle Facial Wash

Both are good which keeps my skin moist and smooth.. Not tight at all...
But I prefer using BS product as it does not contain paraben in its ingredients...

BS this Aloe facial wash is kinda unique as when u pump it, it come out in foam instead of liquid.. (feels like taking bubble bath.. :P )

Another reason that make me choose Body Shop as BS help to fund teaching aids for local school (Guatemala) in area where 50% of the population live below the UN's official poverty level. (state in its label)


  1. thanks for all the reviews. i don't really have time to try different stuff because i have kids, so it's nice to read them before getting them. your pics are so fun! inspiring. thanks, and following now. :) cheers!

  2. Thank you AdamAlexMommy... :)
    Wishing you good luck always ^________^